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Stop Premature Ejectulation Tonight And Drive Her Crazy In Bed

Women’s skin is twice as sensitive as the skin of men and they experience many more nuances of the orgasm than men do. We men tend to have one kind of orgasm which is the explosive one associated with our ejaculation. Women also involve themselves more in the sexual act as we men often tend to see the act as a release of tension.

Women can last much longer in bed than men. Where the average man now a days lasts 7 minutes a woman can make love for hours!


But fear not! We have been given certain keys we can apply so we can build up our sexualities to match those of women. There are many keys to learning this and different angles one could approach, but the main ones in my experience are the following:

1) Sensitivity ” We have to become as sensitive as the woman

2) Masculinity – By becoming more masculine we last longer as well

3) Energy flow ” We need a basic understanding of the energy flows during lovemaking

The best results come from using all keys simultaneously, though good results can come by studying one of the aspects alone.

Step 1: Building Up Sensitivity

We need to focus and cultivate the foreplay. Men need this much more than women in fact. When a man focuses on a woman’s needs his heart opens and a process of “sublimation” starts where his sexual energy is refined to affective energies residing in the heart.

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